How to Play American Baccarat

American baccarat is one of the most played variant of baccarat. It's name came to be because it is also the most played variant on that side of the planet--- North America. Yet, American baccarat is also the most readily available baccarat game variant on the web.

American baccarat is played on a table that has 14 seats. Each table usually has 3 croupiers. Each seat has 3 betting areas: Player, Banker, and Tie.

In American baccarat, a player may also serve as dealer. As the dealer, however, the player does not represent the casino. The dealer is responsible only for the dealing of cards. The dealer, however, can wager on Banker hand only. Though the dealer role rotates among players, a player may also refuse to deal the cards. To do so, the player simply passes the shoe to the next player.

A shoe, typically, contains 6 - 8 decks of cards in American baccarat. To start the game, first, the players wager on the outcome that they believe would win by placing their chips on the appropriate betting area.

The dealer deals one Player card, one Banker hand, then repeats the process. The Player hand is dealt to the one with the largest wager on the Player hand. Banker hand is tucked facedown under the shoe.

The player takes a look at the Player hand, then gives them to the dealer who then announces the total for each hand. Whether a third card should still be dealt or not is then determined. In American baccarat, the dealing of third card strictly follow game rules.

In American baccarat, the object is to get a hand total closest to 9. The hand that successfully reaches this goal, wins. If both Player hand and Banker hand earns the same total, Tie bets win.

Banker has the lowest house edge--- 1.01% while Player hand has a house edge of 1.24%. Tie has the highest house edge--- more than 14%.

After the result for each hand is announced, the croupier collects the losing bets first, they pays the winners. Both Player and Banker hands are paid even money; Tie wins either 8:1 or 9:1. If Banker hand wins, a 5% commission is deducted from it. Thus, if you win $100 on Banker hand, the dealer will give you $95 only.

American baccarat is played widely in North American casinos. If one plays on the Internet, they would also notice that this is the variant most offered by many online casinos--- perhaps because game rules of American baccarat are less complex and easier to bring over into the virtual world. With low house edge and easy-to-follow rules, there's no wonder this game variant dominates North American and online casinos.