Reminders for All Baccarat Players

You've been playing Baccarat for a long time, and now you find yourself losing. It could just be a downswing but it could also be that you've forgotten some of the things that helped you win in the first place. Here are some of them.

1. Baccarat is a game of chance.

If you have gotten so used to winning, encountering a losing streak could serve as a reminder that it is still a game of luck and fortune, or the lack of it. Yes there are betting systems and other Baccarat strategies that you can use, but Lady Luck still plays a vital role. Keeping that in mind should be enough for you to avoid thinking too much about losing.

2. Bring the right amount of bankroll.

Two things happen to a lot of Baccarat players when they start winning: they become too aggressive and bring very large bankrolls or move to very high limits, or they get too conservative and bring in too little.

What is the proper bankroll size then? It will depend on a lot of factors, but a general consensus is that 30 times the minimum bet will be sufficient. So if you are playing at a $10/$20 table you should have about $300 with you at least.

3. Practice makes perfect.

This doesn't just apply to any particular Baccarat strategy but all the other aspects of the game: the rules, the different variants (the ones you are playing), your bankroll management approach, betting system being used, etc.

If you stop practicing and just show up at the game, you could end up losing very quickly as your opponents, hungry for a win, will definitely be coming in prepared. In more involved games like Chemin de Fer and Baccarat en Banque, lack of preparation can lead to disaster.

4. Save your earnings from the game.

Aside from keeping your earnings separate, you'll also want to set aside some of the bankroll you have for each Baccarat game for future sessions. Don't bring them to the casino because you will be tempted to spend them. If you are on a winning streak you'll want to capitalize and bet more, and if you are losing it's almost certain that you'll be reaching for it.

Taking it easy, or going on cruise control, is one of the pitfalls that a lot of players go through, leading to heavy losses. Fortunately you can prevent this from happening by always not changing the game plan, which is, of course, sticking with the basic approach that leads to winning in Baccarat.