Taking Advantage of the Low Baccarat House Edge

Compared to many games in a casino, baccarat presents really low house edges and winning opportunities. In fact, comparing the game to other games of chance of the same class like roulette, the baccarat house edge is far more advantageous for players. With this in mind, players should take advantage of the low baccarat house edge.

One might think that since the game is entirely dependent on one's luck that other games than baccarat might present better house edges and more advantages. Nevertheless, if taken with the right perspective, baccarat may yet become one of the most promising games you might have ever played.

Another piece of good news is that even though the baccarat house edge is really low, there are a few tweaks you can do to even make it even go lower. By picking the right bets and the right places to play in, you can turn things around and gain further advantages as the baccarat house edge go even lower.

Players only have three betting options in baccarat. These three bets coincide with the three possible outcomes of each hand played. You're three betting options are that the banker hand wins, the player hand wins, or both the banker and player hands are equally valued.

The irony in this situation with baccarat is that while betting on either banker or player is considered one of the best bets you'll ever make, betting that both hands end up in a tie is classed among the worst bets in any casino.

The tie bet has its house edge around 14.36% compared to the low 1.25% and 1.06% house edges for the player and banker bets respectively. This simply means that if you want to take advantage of the really low baccarat house edge, you should avoid making tie bets.

Another way to take advantage of the low baccarat house edge is to find casinos that charge smaller commissions. Every time you win on a bet for the banker you get to pay a commission to the casino. Most casinos will charge you a five percent commission. However you will find that there are casinos that charge less, at the most about only four percent.

One last thing you can do to really make baccarat a really profitable game is to find a table that only plays six decks. Baccarat tables use six to eight decks during a game. You get more advantages out of a six deck shoe game than an eight. Add that to the really low baccarat house edge, then you're really on a roll.

Players should take advantage of the really low baccarat house edge. Being picky about which baccarat table to play on and which casino to spend your time further adds to your advantages. It all takes a proper perspective to see baccarat as a really profitable game to play.